This is not a complete listing of current clients and scripts, if you know of a script that isn’t listed here, (and it still has an active website with working links!)  you can contact me about adding it to this page.

A short example on how to set modes on your nickname on IRC for those who do not already know, mode [+R] is  a good way to avoid unregistered users like bots, random guests and people who are trolling with notice and message spam scripts from sending you messages. If your nickname was “CoolDude107” and Read more

A quick example of how to set a channel mode, first you must be a channel operator. If you want you can practice on a made up channel simply by typing /join #some_channel where some_channel is the name of the channel you want to start, if you pick a common name it may not be Read more

/NICK [new nick] Change your nickname to [new nick]. /QUIT {reason} Quit from IRC and end your current session with the given message. /VERSION {servermask} Returns the server’s version number and information. Always provide this information with any bug reports to The Bugtracker! If a servername is given, the remote server’s version information is shown. Read more

MemoServ Commands LIST READ SEND DELETE IGNORE FORWARD SENDGROUP SENDOPS LIST LIST shows you your memos in your inbox, including who sent them and when. To read a memo, use the READ command. You can also DELETE or FORWARD a memo. READ READ allows you to read a memo that another user has sent you. Read more

ChanServ gives normal users the ability to maintain control of a channel, without the need of a bot. Channel takeovers are virtually impossible when a channel is registered with ChanServ. Registration is a quick and painless process. Once registered, the founder can maintain complete and total control over the channel. Please note that channels will Read more